Product Design Protips: Switching from Sketch to Figma

Our entire product design team recently switched from Sketch to Figma as our primary design tool. Sketch is an amazing, mature UI design tool that I’ve loved using for years. It remains superior at drawing vectors and working offline, so it will keep its spot in my Dock for the moment. However, in a team context, Figma has proven to be superior, replacing not just Sketch, but also several other tools.

I’ll talk about why we switched and a whole bunch of things that, as a seasoned Sketch user, I had to [re]learn along the way.

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The Best Free (or Cheap) Mac Apps to Get You Started

Your wallet is still wincing from the purchase of shiny new Apple hardware, I truly can empathise, and so have prepared this article to relieve the pain. The following selection of free or cheap apps will get you up and running, nary a Blue Screen Of Death in sight. Never fear; despite what the prices may suggest, all software is of a quality befitting the glowing fruit you bear.

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