The Best Free (or Cheap) Mac Apps to Get You Started

Your wallet is still wincing from the purchase of shiny new Apple hardware, I truly can empathise, and so have prepared this article to relieve the pain. The following selection of free or cheap apps will get you up and running, nary a Blue Screen Of Death in sight. Never fear; despite what the prices may suggest, all software is of a quality befitting the glowing fruit you bear.

This article will receive updates as I discover new and superior apps, if existing apps become abandoned by developers, and when Apple updates OS X and inevitably “Sherlocks” apps.

Are you trying to perform a task not covered by any of the apps features herein? Have a Windows app upon which you relied and can’t find a Mac alternative? Try my follow-up articles for advanced users and specific needs, or discover the abilities of pre-installed OS X apps. If all else fails, you can email me or hit me up on Twitter.




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